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As Mountain Bikers, more often than not we would rather be out on the trails rather than working out in the gym. But unfortunately building strength, increasing our capacity, range of movement, flexibility and endurance, is essential to prevent injury, and ensure that we can be riding bikes to our full potential in the years to come. Being a  professional mountain bike coach myself, I know how demanding the sport can be. My sessions are designed to keep you on your toes, keeping things fun and stopping you from getting bored - I promise!

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Designed and developed by riders for riders

I offer several different Online Fitness programs depending on where you are at in your riding season and fitness journey.  These programs have been developed and designed with riders here in the Sea to Sky Corridor, so they definitely are Enduro focused but benefits have been seen across all riding disciplines. These benefits have included: increased aerobic capacity, increased strength specifically in the core and upper body muscles. Which in many riders resulted in less lower back pain when riding for prolonged periods of time. The sessions are designed to keep you on your toes, keeping things fun and stopping  you from getting bored- I promise! I also encourage and educate you on how to train consistently and appropriately throughout the riding season.

Flexible and tailored programs

All of my Online Fitness Programs are delivered completely online through our preferred fitness software. It is delivered through an app that is free to download onto your phone - this is where you will access the program with videos attached demonstrating the correct form/movement. This enables me to support you virtually throughout your experience with any questions that come up.

You are able to message and video call me directly from this app, however you still have the flexibility to work this program around your schedule. When you sign up to any of our programs it includes an optional 30 minute virtual consultation, as well as a fitness assessment with me to find out where you are at on your riding/fitness journey, as well as giving you the opportunity to highlight any injuries, concerns or questions you may have before you start your program. Upon signing up I will be in contact to schedule this for you at a time that works for you! 

Looking for something more personalised?

As well as my Online Fitness Programs I offer  1-1 Personal Training. Services throughout the Sea to Sky Corridor. Whatever your fitness goals may be, I am here to support, educate and motivate you to get you where you want to be. Click below to find out more:

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